Well Loved® Woman

A Well Loved® Woman can change the world.

I know it.

She can win friends and influence people. All by being herself. She makes things happen. She lights up a room. And she is deeply, richly, cared for and complete.

But what does it really mean to be Well Loved®?

While it’s different for everyone, there are some common tenets that will catapult a woman from “overlooked” to “well-loved.”

The journey is important, but not necessarily easy.

So countless beautiful, brilliant, and deserving women continue to allow themselves to be overlooked and underloved.

It breaks my heart because I was one of them! (You can read My Story here).

Our world is changing. But it’s not changing fast enough, and your nourished soul can help it to happen.

I invite you to join me in becoming the type of woman who has a rich, fulfilling life for herself, and leads by example to transform our future. I invite you to take the journey to being Well Loved®.

How to spot a Well Loved® Woman


  • Knows what nourishes her and gives herself what she needs.
  • Makes clear decisions without regard to how her choices appear to others.
  • Experiences an abundance of love for herself and the world.
  • Is intentional about how she spends her time, and with whom.
  • Creates a network of women who love her and uplift her.
    • Sets clear boundaries and knows what works for her.
    • Begins and ends relationships with grace and ease.
    • Welcomes love and support into her life.
    • Knows how she is designed and honors her personal truth.
    • Gives back in her own, unique way.
  • Uses her unique voice.
  • Is in touch with her creativity.
  • Knows her life has a deeper meaning.
  • Makes a difference for future generations.
  • Has a rich and nourishing home environment.
    • Cares for her personal appearance in a way that expresses who she is.
    • Loves money, knows she deserves it, and spends it freely on things she values most.
    • Charges what she’s worth for the work she does.
    • Lights up a room.
    • Magnetizes toward her the people and resources she needs, every time! Clients, partners, friends, money, connections, you name it, she attracts it.

My fellow female entrepreneur, I hope that you saw pieces of yourself in this list. I trust that it sparked something in you to want to know more. If you are reading this, it truly is your time. And I request that you don’t wait.

I spent way too long feeling “underloved,” and it’s much richer on the other side!

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