A Workshop to Discover Your Unique Human Design

Upcoming ‘What’s Your Blueprint?’ Workshop (Date coming soon!) at 10:30 am – 12 pm

We’re all designed differently, and we each have different ways of making decisions, being visible, collaborating with others, and, yes, even messing up.  You may be hearing a buzz lately about Human Design – the fascinating and revealing personality system that’s based on the time and place of your birth.

In this workshop with Susan Boone of Well Loved® Woman, you’ll not only learn your Human Design type, you’ll get a glimpse into the strengths and struggles of you type. People who’ve had Human Design readings with Susan report some big results: Greater ease and clarity in decision-making, choosing commitments, and defining their business message, along with a-has and insights into their “inner authority” and why they’ve always done things a certain way.

There are 5 Types of people; which one are you?

  • Type 1 – Manifestors
  • Type 2 – Generators
  • Type 3 – Manifestor Generators
  • Type 4 – Projectors
  • Type 5 – Reflectors

Curious to learn a tool that not only makes your past easier to understand but your present and future easier to manage?

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Pre-Registration: $49 – Includes your Human Design report and informative handout about your type.

Note: In order to receive your custom Human Design report at the workshop, please email Susan at susan@susanboonecoaching.com with your name, birth date, time and location of birth.


P.S. If you can’t make the live event, you can still sign up and receive a ‘virtual’ reading! You get all the same things except Susan works with you by phone and email instead.